Rihanna’s love of sex shows gets Thai bar shut down

by 6 years ago

Rihanna just loves being around disgusting sex shows. Unfortunately, her tweet about one she came across in Thailand ended up getting the bar shut down.

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Rihanna image by Jstone/Shutterstock

Thai authorities were tipped off to the bar’s dirty shows when Rihanna tweeted about catching a lewd sex show off the island of Phuket.

Local Thai police began scouting the bar after seeing Rihanna’s tweets but it took a couple weeks until the bar ran another sex show. Officers then caught them in the act.

“Authorities found out about this bar the morning after Rihanna tweeted about it, but we were not able to catch them violating the law until Saturday night,” a local police chief said. “We had been waiting for them and finally caught them red-handed.”

The bar owner faces charges of obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit.

Rihanna previously got other people in trouble on her trip, including two owners of illegal protected animals.

Before we bring the bar owner to justice and close his establishment down, can we get Jon Taffer in there for an emergency Bar Rescue? If he’s mad at people for not cleaning their stove often enough, I can only imagine the conniptions he’d have after seeing a sex show so vile that Rihanna needed to tweet about it.