That ‘SI’ swimsuit model butt-shaking video yesterday was nothing…

This is the REAL video featuring a mystery Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, shaking her, uh… well, once you watch it, you’ll know exactly what it is that I mean.

Sorry, but someone at SI must not have approved of all the boob and butt shaking so they removed it. Blame them. It was fun for a little bit though. 🙁

And once again we have no freaking idea who the model is? The, uh, hmmm, bikini(?) in question looks familiar, but again I say it couldn’t be Kate Upton. That’d just be too obvious, wouldn’t it? Yesterday I speculated that it might be Nina Agdal or Genevieve Morton, but Genevieve ignored my tweet asking about it yesterday, so forget her. Plus, I don’t think that it is her, ahem, bikini. (I could be wrong though. Tweet me, Genevieve!) So who the hell is it? We need to know! C’mon, people, let’s get to work!!!