There’s allegedly a Marilyn Monroe sex tape…with JFK and RFK?!

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In Presidential sex tape news that somehow doesn’t involve Bill Clinton, a man reportedly has a copy of a sex tape involving Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Is this good news? I have lost track at this point on what makes for a quality sex tape and grainy 8mm footage of 50s bush probably isn’t the ultimate as far as fanatsies go.

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Reports Radar

The steamy, never-before-seen reel — said to have been shot on 8mm film — will be auctioned by the Tulare County Sheriff in California which has seized the property as part of a lawsuit involving the man, William Castleberry.

Radar also reports that Vivid Entertainment’s CEO, Steve Hirsch, was offered the tape, but passed because he would have had to buy the entire lot going up for auction at $200,000 without having the opportunity to watch the tape.

Naturally, Castleberry has run into more than a few detractors with regard to the tape’s authenticity as Radar says one of their sources said, “William’s sex tape of the Kennedy’s and Marilyn doesn’t exist. There is absolutely nothing on the 8mm tape, and nothing is visible. Most of his collection is also fake…people should be very, very careful before bidding on the purported memorabilia.”

Perhaps that’s just for the best anyway.

Is It Real? Famed XXX Company Passed On Marilyn Monroe, JFK & Bobby Kennedy 3-Way Sex Tape [Radar]

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