Tiffani Thiessen takes us on a tour of her sexy place

Our pals over at “Me In My Place” have done it again. This time they’re bringing back all sorts of childhood memories with a sexy photo shoot of Tiffani Thiessen, aka Kelly Kapowski. I hope she doesn’t get tired of being referred to in that manner because, as any guy will tell you, it is 100% a compliment. And as you can see from these sexy new pictures, Tiffani still has what it takes, 20 years later, to make men the world over still fantasize what a date with her would be like.

Learn tons more about Tiffani in an in-depth interview she did with “Me In My Place” writer Falene. And, hey, this is just the tip of the fun, because you can see ALL the complete edits from ALL the MIMP shoots on the MIMP mobile Web app, which, trust me, you need to sign up for today!

Photo credit: Me In My Place