Watch Tyrese Gibson Get Aggressive Lapdances From Fat-Assed Strippers That Snoop Dogg Bought For His Birthday

TMZ Screengrab

On the list of “Things I Wouldn’t Be Surprised That Snoop Dogg Would Do,” this sits riiight at the very top. Smoking weed on camera? Buying strippers for friends while shooting music videos? Please. It’s all in a day’s work for Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion / Whatever his name is at any given moment.

The whole stripperthon went down during a video shoot for Tyrese’s new song “Dumb S**t,” a song that Snoop himself is featured in. Knowing that Snoop was there for the shoot, it wouldn’t surprise me if he bought the strippers for himself and just pretended they were for Tyrese’s birthday. Another day, another “I’ll take any excuse to buy a bunch of strippers” situation.