Vanessa Hudgens is 2014’s sexiest new spokesmodel

Bongo is one of our favorite companies. Why you ask? Because they keep signing one sexy woman after another to be their spokespeople. This year it’s Vanessa Hudgens and we approve of this choice. Last year it was AnnaSophia Robb and before that Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson got the call. 2014 might turn out to be all right after all.

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This is Hudgens’ first Bongo campaign that will debut this week to promote their Spring collection featuring their new swimwear, footwear and accessories. (We’re kind of partial to the swimwear. More of that please?) She sure has come a long way from her High School Musical days, huh?

Want even more Vanessa Hudgens pics and videos? We’ve got you covered right here.

Photos courtesy Bongo; Bongo is available exclusively at Sears and Kmart.