Wendy Fiore shares the best Instagram pictures

Wendy Fiore is someone we have never featured here before. As you will see from this small sampling of her almost 300 Instagram photos, that was an error we needed to correct. Some of you may not be familiar with Wendy Fiore so let me fill you in. She is an Internet legend. (Easy to see why, huh?) She’s from Chicago, not relevant, she is currently taking acting and comedy classes, again not relevant, and she has proportions that would make Barbie have body issues, relevant!! You can learn more about her here and on her Web site. Now, as for her Instagram account, being the Internet legend that she is, Wendy Fiore posts some ridiculously amazing photos there. These are pretty much just selfies and they are mind-boggling, but her professional photos defy description. I urge you, once you look at these pics to check out the rest.

Photo credit: Wendy Fiore, Instagram