Who is the sexy actress in the Bacardi Cuba Libre commercial?

Remember when we showed you a super sexy commercial for Bacardi’s Cuba Libre cocktail? It featured a smoking hot actress wearing a garter-flask. Want to know who that actress is? You should. Her name is Rebecca Valera and she’s pretty awesome as these photos on her IMDB page more than bear out. So what do we know about her, other than that she’s gorgeous? Let’s see… Rebecca Valera is from Miami, she’s on Twitter and Facebook, and she even has a fan page on Facebook where you can see some of her other work for companies like Kraft and Sony, as well as a behind the scenes video of her commercial for Bacardi. She certainly keeps busy, but someone needs to get her a job in a movie or something. We want more Rebecca. Much more.

Here’s another commercial Rebecca did for Sony (note: it features her in a bikini).

Photo credit: YouTube/Bacardi