20-Year-Old Student Arrested For Threats At University of Alabama



Important follow-up to our early Monday morning post about the threats of violence at the University of Alabama Yesterday authorities arrested 20-year-old University of Alabama student Dakota Timm, originally from Virginia Beach, on charges of “harassing communications.” Police do NOT believe he’s the person who posted the original threatening YouTube message under the alias Arthur Pendragon, but they do believe he tried to emulate the original YouTube poster, leading to more alarm on campus. Via AL.com’s Melissa Brown

On Tuesday morning, UA officials said the students contacted authorities, who determined the messages were false and sent by another UA student.

UA authorities said Timm, of Virginia Beach, was charged with obstructing governmental operations, but the Tuscaloosa County Jail website said he was booked under charges of harassing communications. Court records, likely to be posted Wednesday morning, will clarify the specific charges against him.

Rumors of the messages Timm allegedly sent compounded the ongoing fear and anxiety surrounding the original threatening message, which warned of “retribution” and on-campus violence.


“This message is not believed to be directly connected with the initial threatening post,” UAPD Police Chief Tim Summerlin said in a video address. “Any attempt to create alarm or fear will be aggressively investigated, and perpetrators identified will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These actions only serve to increase an already heightened anxiety within our community and tie up valuable law enforcement resources that could be more effectively utilized elsewhere.”

While due process will play out, this kid’s college career is likely over for being such an idiot at such a tense time at UA.

[H/T: TFM]