5 Things the College Admissions Office Doesn’t Tell You

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Editor's Note: Over the next week or so, we'll be bringing you a full slate of back-to-school stories to get you ready for the new year of college.

Many of you have just shipped off to your first year of college, or will be doing so in the next couple of weeks. And for you Bros who just started your senior year of high school, you’ll soon start your college visits and hear a lot of things about college and what it’s like to go to college. However, there are a few things that every college admissions office leaves out, but you still need to know. Here’s a list of five things the admissions office doesn’t tell you about college. Leave anything we left out in the comments.

1. Find the Good Toilets
Despite what schools say about how they have good cafeteria food, they don’t. When you first get to campus, be sure to scope out some good, clean toilets because odds are you’ll need them frequently.

2. Your Halloween Costume is Crucial
Halloween is the biggest holiday on college campuses. Whatever you choose for your costume, people will remember you by it for the remainder of the school year, and maybe even the remainder of your college career. So start thinking about your costume now, and get creative, because the guy with the best costume has the best chance of getting laid.

3. Get Your Fake ID Ahead of Time
It’s pretty easy to buy a fake once you get to school, but the prices are high so try to get one before you get to campus. Most bars around campus can be strict with IDs but the liquor stores tend to be pretty lax about it. Either come prepared with a fake or know some upper classmen who will buy for you without charging you ridiculous amounts.

4. The Girls are Horny
You’ve probably been hearing this all over the place, but it really is true. There’s no way to really prepare for it until you actually see it. Girls will go out looking to get laid so be there to take her to bed. If this is something you’re looking to take advantage of, as you should, be sure you show up to campus single. And, unlike in high school, some of the girls will even come to you. Sit back and enjoy.

5. C’s Get Degrees
Don’t over stress about making straight A’s. If you’re on scholarship, make sure you keep your grades high enough to keep it, but other than that, a C here or there won’t kill you. Your GPA might make a difference in finding your first job, but you’ll find that most places just care that you have a degree, so failing one course is no reason to go jump off a bridge.

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