Look At All The Southern Girls Twerking In This Party Video At A UGA Fraternity

This hit our tip line last night accompanied by this message from a very enthusiastic BroBible reader:

“Dawg Pride is stronger than ever. AEPi definitely had a wild time for this epic party. This looks like a place I’d want to be. S/O to DJ ContraBAND for the great visuals and better party. It was a lituation.”

Not eve am not millennial enough to understand what a “lituation” is, so I had to Google what that means. It’s a Fabulous song, duh! So here’s the definition of “Lituation” for all you old people to incorporate into your vocabulary:


This prompted a response from our boy Brandon Cohen, who probably had to Google “lituation” just like me:


Stay L-I-T AF, Dawgs. Till the next lituation.