This AEPi At UGA Rap Battled Chamillionaire And Went All ‘8 Mile’ On His Ass (VIDEO)

by 4 years ago

Everything I know about rap battles I learned from 8 Mile. That’s my only bar. It’s the single example I use to determine whether or not a rapper can spew with the best of them or if he just became the family embarrassment. For UGA AEPi brother Rich Ard (helluva stage name, Dick) he met my lofty goals when he took the stage and battled with Chamillionaire. May have even exceeded them.

According to The Armchair All Americans:

This past weekend at AEPi’s Wild West party at UGA, an AEPi brother under the stage name Rich Ard, claimed all day that he would be rap battling Chamillionaire later that night.  Not only did we not believe him, even if he did, it must be cringeworthy to watch, right?


He drops 16 bars on Chammy and gets mad respect from the crowd.

Now, if only Rich Ard can adopt a harder stage name — like, say, Bunny Rabbit — then he’d really be going places.

[H/T CallMeShitto]

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