AOPi At University Of Florida Decided To Flash Their Boobs For A Camera And OOPS It Went Viral

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The majority of people reading this site have never rushed a sorority, so let me sum the whole experience up in one quick sentence for you:

I would rather choke down goat semen than go through sorority rush again.

That goes for the girls rushing the sororities, and the sorority women who have to sit there and talk to 500,000 random GDI’s who want to join Greek Life. Do you like having the same exact conversation over and over for 10 hours straight? Do you like getting stuck talking to really weird chicks for a minimum of 20 minutes? How about getting awkward hugs from people you just met? If all of that sounds like a great fuckin’ time, go join a sorority because you’ll get to do ALL of that.

So obviously when that seventh level of hell is over, it’s time to get naked…or at least that’s what AOPi at the University of Florida thought.

An inappropriate picture of UF’s chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority (AOPi) sisters is circulating on social media.
In the photo, five sisters flash the camera while smiling and posing at a party.
One post on Facebook read, “And with this, the seniors say goodbye to Recruitment forever.” The photo has also appeared on Twitter and mentioned on the smartphone app, Yik Yak.

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the photo has come to the attention of UF administration.

“Steps are being taken to address the issue, and we talked to the chapter president and asked her to advise headquarters,” Sikes said.

As of now, UF has not taken disciplinary action against the sorority, she said.
“It doesn’t appear to be a conduct violation, but this is something these women will have to live with for the rest of their lives,” Sikes said…

Rachel Boison, the assistant director of public relations for the sorority’s international headquarters, said the Alpha Omicron Pi International Headquarters is dealing with the issue.

“We are aware of the photo, and we are in communication with the sorority and will stay in communication to monitor the situation,” Boison said.
The local chapter of AOPi declined to comment.

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Ah, ’tis truly the week for nudies on the Internet. I can’t blame the AOPi girls though, srat rush seriously turns your brain into mush. Not even a lifetime supply of Adderall would get you through that shit.

Oh and since I know you clicked on this because you wanted to see boobs, here you go.

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