Arizona State’s Alpha Phi Sorority Recruitment Video Is Packed With Babes In Yoga Pants

by 2 years ago

Today is August 1st, which means colleges are officially back-to-school in the next few weeks. Alpha Phi sorority at Arizona State University is getting jump start on the fall recruitment season, releasing one of the first sorority recruitment videos of year. It’s by the same people who shot the legendary recruitment video for Delta Gamma at the University of Miami, which might have been the hottest sorority recruitment video we’ve ever posted.

This one doesn’t disappoint either, especially if you like sweeping vistas of Lululemons in the rugged Arizona desert:



Is this not the most basic sorority girl moment you’ve ever seen in your life?


I’m always impressed by how many modes of transportation are in these videos. In this case, these ladies are in jeeps, longboards, hot air balloons, a helicopter, and paddleboards. We’re going to hit Michael Bay-esque levels of production in these Greek Life videos soon.

As always, this makes me regret my decision to go to college in the Northeast instead of doing it right in the south or out west in the Pac-12. Don’t live with the same regrets, kids.

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