Two Arizona State Bros Annihilated This Reporter With a ‘FHRITP’ Combo for the Ages

by 4 years ago

Tyler Baldwin drew the short straw yesterday when he was tasked with going to ASU’s Sun Devil stadium to report about the school’s recent crackdown on alcohol at football games (Boy, did that work out for them!). He, like so many poor bastards before him, learned that almost nothing good can come from trying to report live on TV while surrounded by drunk college kids.

Down the final stretch of his report — thinking he might actually escape this personal nightmare unscathed — Baldwin got blasted by a brutal “fuck her right in the pussy” knockout combo from two ASU bros. You can see the devastation instantly consume his face. Or maybe that’s just how he looks when he’s having homicidal thoughts?

Either way, I take back what I said about nothing good coming from reporting live on TV while surrounded by drunk college kids, because that’s not true at all. This shit is pure goodness for the rest of us. So thanks for being the sacrificial lamb that you are, Ty.

[H/T One of the guys in the video]

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