Attractive Female Students Are Given Better Grades Says Research Done By Institute Of ‘Duh’

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A recent study titled “Student Appearance and Academic Performance” which found that attractive female students earn higher grades than unattractive ones. Not news but news.

Peters and co-author Rey Hernández-Julián examined more than 6,500 student ID-card photographs and more than 168,00 course grades awarded to the students, using factors such as ACT scores to control for student academic ability, reported Inside Higher Ed. It also reported that the “attractiveness gap in grades appears to result more from lower grades for less attractive women than from higher grades for the most attractive women.”

The study was conducted, said Peters, because they were intrigued by the “large literature” in economics and social sciences that found evidence for appearance-based discrimination in wages and hiring. They wanted to determine if the differences in the labor market stemmed from early stages of life, which include schooling. Most importantly, she says they wanted to identify the mechanisms in why appearance affects these outcomes.

I’m already calling bullshit on this study because they analyzed Student IDs. Those are not the best measure of attractive/unattractive.

According to the study, young women considered attractive had “a 0.024 increase in grades on a 4.0 scale, earning grades that are 0.005 higher than average-looking students.” So you can’t be hot and screw off and expect to get an A in the class unless you’re a good bullshitter or your professor is in a sexless marriage.

“We’re not talking about a D student that’s being brought up to an A because she’s attractive,” said Christina Peters, co-author of the study and a Metropolitan State University of Denver associate professor. “Instead, the magnitude of the effects that we find is about half the distance between an A- and a B+. The difference is there and it’s significant and can potentially be disconcerting, but it’s a small effect — it doesn’t mean the attractive females are getting into Harvard and unattractive ones aren’t.”

I’ve been to Harvard, the attractive women are not getting in there, so they’ve got that right. I’m just kidding, ladies of Harvard. You’re all incredibly attractive in a “will someday be rich” type way.

[via USA Today]

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