VIDEO: Baylor Students Partied In The Cayman Islands And GOD DAMN Is This How College Kids Live Nowadays??

by 3 years ago

When I was in college, I never had more than $131 in my bank account. Forget having a common in my account balance, I was happy if I could avoid a (-) sign before it. So what is this shit–HORSES, BOATS, JET SKIS, HUMANS ON SURFBOARDS, DOGS ON SURFBOARDS, SCUBA DIVING, TROPICAL ISLANDS. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ABOUT, OBAMA??

I’m going to be paying student loans until my balls drag on the floor and these scalywags are out filming a music video in paradise. My degree is as worthless as the paper it was printed on. Which I tore up and used for joint filters. YOLO. Are kids still saying that? I’m obviously out of touch with how college life is nowadays.


P.S. That was a dog on a surfboard, right?


surfboard dog

The drugs have officially kicked in.

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