Ranking the 10 Best Cities for Recent Grads


Our friends at eCollegeFinder made a pretty cool infographic ranking the best cities for recent graduates looking to set up camp and start that post-grad #grind. Compared to boring statistics like job growth and rent, some of the factors they use are pretty Brotastic: Average cost of a large pizza, the number of bars per capita, and the percentage of people in that post-grad sweet spot of 18-24.

Just graduated college? These are the 10 best cities for recent grads, based on affordability, jobs, the number of young people, and, of course, pizza.

New York City — BroBible’s little post-grad mecca on the Hudson — doesn’t make the list because you can’t afford to live here after college unless (a. you‘re willing to sell your kidneys to pay rent, (b. your job pays six figures out of college (sidenote: Fuck You!), and (c. your mommy and daddy pay your rent, credit card bills, and helped you land you a cushy nepotism job at a PR firm where you check Facebook over 100 times a day (side: Fuck you!). If you fit into any of those categories, you don’t have real life problems, just obnoxious upper-middle class problems like “ewwwwwwww did you see that slut at the Joshua Tree on Saturday?!?!?!?!” or “this mimosa with brunch tastes funnnnyyyyy.” Also: I hate you.  

Astoria is still pretty nice, tho… Recent grads, don’t sleep on living there. Murray Hill is for fuckheads and fools.

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