U.S. Map Shows the Biggest Party School in Each State


Last year, right around this time, we came out with our BCS-style Top 50 Party Schools in the U.S. Rankings. This year, we wanted to forgo the average list and crown the best party school by state. It was laborious process combing through countless rankings — one that required me to watch my beloved alma mater lose miserably — but in the end what we’ve created is a definitive list of schools that are the best party school in each state. In addition to the rankings, we’ve also birthed this supersexy map, because maps drop panties — everyone knows that.

Feel free to disagree with our findings. I, too, am beside myself that the University of Florida parties harder than The U, but, sadly, that’s what the data is telling me.

Anyway, in case your eyesight is shoddy and you can’t decipher what is what, we’ve listed out the winners below in alphabetical order by state.

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Alabama —  University of Alabama
Alaska — University of Alaska Southeast
Arizona — Arizona State University
Arkansas —  University of Arkansas
California — University of California-Santa Barbara
Colorado — University of Colorado
Connecticut — Trinity College
Delaware — University of Delaware
Florida — University of Florida
Georgia — University of Georgia
Hawaii — University of Hawaii at Manoa
Idaho — University of Idaho
Illinois — University of Illinois
Indiana — Indiana University
Iowa — University of Iowa
Kansas  –University of Kansas
Kentucky  — Western Kentucky University
Louisiana — Louisiana State University
Maine — University of Maine
Maryland — University of Maryland
Massachusetts — University of Massachusetts
Michigan — Michigan State University
Minnesota — University of Minnesota
Mississippi — University of Mississippi
Missouri — University of Missouri
Montana — University of Montana
Nebraska — University of Nebraska
Nevada — UNLV
New Hampshire — University of New Hampshire
New Jersey — Rutgers University
New Mexico — New Mexico State University
New York — Syracuse University
North Carolina — East Carolina University
North Dakota — University of North Dakota
Ohio — Ohio University
Oklahoma — Oklahoma State University
Oregon — University of Oregon
Pennsylvania — Penn State University
Rhode Island — Providence College
South Carolina — University of South Carolina
South Dakota — South Dakota State University
Tennessee — University of Tennessee
Texas — University of Texas
Utah — Westminster College
Vermont — University of Vermont
Virginia — James Madison University
Washington — Washington State University
West Virginia — West Virginia University
Wisconsin — University of Wisconsin
Wyoming — University of Wyoming

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*List was created using historical rankings and average ranking from top party school lists by Playboy, Princeton Review, BroBible’s Top 50 Party Schools, Newsweek, along with several others. All ties were broken using College Prowler’s state by state ranking system.

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