College Bikini Girl Trying To Win Spring Break Lap Dance Contest Rides Guy So Hard They Fall Off The Stage (VIDEO)

You can tell from the get-go that this chick isn’t going to win the contest. See the way each guy on stage is looking at her? Their faces range from “Hell yeah baby c’mere, this is the only action I’ll be getting all week after chicks notice the Harley Davidson tee I’m rocking” to “Meh…eh? Nah, meh…” Falling off the stage on top of one of the dudes was probably her best bet at pulling out a W, and even then chances are the sudden change in altitude had her puking all over the place.

As for the rest of the fails in this video…they don’t feature nearly as much head trauma. But are they embarrassing enough for the people to deserve being immortalized on the Internet forever and ever in a viral video? Totally.