If You Like Hot College Chicks In Bikinis Then The Florida State Snapchat Account Is For You

Okay okay, technically it’s not Snapchat – it’s something called Yeti Campus. I’ve had it on my phone for a while just so I can creep around college campuses via my iPhone, but no one knows wtf Yeti Campus is so we went with just calling it Snapchat. It’s pretty much the same thing, the only main differences being that they won’t delete your tit pics from your university’s “My Story” and that the app is purely for college students to share photos across campus publicly.

Also, Yeti’s interface is kind of crap but whatever. As long as I get to see the hot ladies of Florida State University frolicking around in their bikinis on warm beach days, who am I to complain?

I’ve always wondered “Which is better, Florida State or the University of Florida?” and I think now we have our answer. Checkmate, UF. Check and mate.