The Next Time Your Parents Bust Your Balls About Binge Drinking, Toss This Handy Stat In Their Face

binge drinking


Binge drinking is a part of life. It teaches us all a lesson. Hopefully that lesson is “alright I shouldn’t do that often” but as humans we’ve got to learn shit the hard way.

It’s understandable that our parents, having cared for us our entire lives, don’t want us killing ourselves by downing a ton of booze. Fair enough. But when they go on and on about the dangers of binge drinking go ahead and let them know that stats show they’re more likely to die from booze than anyone in your frat.

America’s binge drinkers are fueling an average of six alcohol-poisoning deaths per day and the rates are highest among non-Hispanic white, middle-aged men, according to a new government report.

Most of the estimated 1.5 billion binge-drinking episodes each year involve Americans 26 and older. But researchers were surprised to find that those ages 35 to 64 accounted for three-fourths of America’s roughly 2,200 alcohol-poisoning deaths each year from 2010 to 2012.

Yeah! See, dad, you’re the one with the problem! [Chugs vodka] You’re the one!

Thank you CDC. Here, have a beer. Better yet, CHUG BITCH!

[H/T: Seattle Times]