Bleach Bombing: University of Texas Students Pelting Minorities Peers With Bleach-Filled Balloons

by 8 years ago

According to The Horn:

Following several reported incidents of “bleach-bombing” targeting minorities, many students protested Tuesday against racism in and around the university community. Other students, however, contend that, in the case of bleach bombs, the race factor is being blown out of proportion.

Onlooker Pete Desai is one of those other students and he told KVUE, “I see it from my balcony, I think it is just who ever happens to walk by at the time.”

According to KVUE:

Police said they're investigating several incidents, and they said if prosecutors determine they're hate crimes, that may be difficult to prove.

“It can be difficult to prove because it is motivation. Motivation can be very subjective,” Officer Steve McCormick said. 

For a number of years during their formal recruitment period, members of the sorority community have periodically had balloons filled with various substances thrown at them in the West Campus area. Each year, we work with the Austin Police Department as well as local property managers to address this issue. We are unable to provide any information regarding the motives or intent of those who commit these attacks. 

Whether they are hate crimes, police say throwing an object at someone from the balcony is considered assault.

I'm still stuck on the whole part about this going on for three years. That's three years of kids getting pelted with bleach and no one has done anything about it. Does the school not care? Is UT full of kids with parents that are oil tycoons? If I got hit with a Bleach Bomb and my clothes got ruined — those white bleach streaks looking like cum cascading down the front of my fresh chinos (not that I wear chinos) — I'd be fucking unstoppable. These people are like “well, we get hit and then the person runs back inside their apartment before we could see who did it. LOL.” You know where they live?!? Fill up a goddamn Super Soaker with nothing but bleach, kick in their fucking door, and don't leave till you've taken their eyesight. 

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