Indiana University Bro Is Dumped By Girlfriend, Gets The BEST Revenge Involving Porn And A Visit From The Cops

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Tinder girls tend to get a bad rap as being “crazy,” “unstable,” “psychotic” or even the not-so-bad-sounding-but-even-worse-in-my-book “unable to take a joke.” As you’ve hopefully guessed, this is not a story that refutes any of those claims; in fact this girl is all of that and more, as in “holy shit this girl is fucking nuts put me into protective custody please oh please oh please.” Luckily for Redditor Majeo12, he managed to get away just in time…not just because she dumped him, but because shit started hitting the fan that very same day.

This happened last year and ended the first day of my last semester of college.

Whilst I attended college, I was part of a fraternity, and we obviously held parties. Tinder happened to be a very viable option for inviting girls to these parties. I actually set the trend on campus for mass invitations to girls to get them to come to said parties. So every open party, I would send 300 matches an invite, and hope for a 20% return, or 60 girls. Horrible and makes me sound like a douche, but that’s social media for ya and I met a lot of great people that way so harass me how you like.

Anyways, one girl came, we’ll call her Tiffany because every crazy lady is named Tiffany, and we hit it off for a bit. This girl was actually from out of town, so she lived about an hour and a half away. How I matched with her, you say? I would assume she was just visiting the campus because it is a party campus. I ended up inviting her to my formal in April, and we then texted and met up sometimes in the summer. Now I didn’t want a long distance relationship, so I was going to end it and told her that, but she decided to move to campus. So she moves and we are dating and blah blah blah. During this time frame, I learn that her Dad is some psycho who cheated on her mom, and then did it again with underage kids, and is heading to jail. Okay… shit happens so I go along with it. Then, she tells me she was beat as a child and her grandma knew about this, who happens to be rich as hell and is giving Tiffany a lot of money in inheritance to make up for it, she claims 75mil…

Now this is a red flag, but my dumb ass goes along with it because of the whole dad story, wealthy last name, and the blinders tend to be on when dating. I questioned this, don’t get me wrong, because she worked as a bar tender. Why the hell would you work night shifts if your grandma is overloading you with cash… I’ll get to that… I start to realize she is attaching herself to wealth or perceived wealth in some cases. Her new friends all had money, I was heading to medical school, and she joined VEMMA LOLOL because she assumed that pyramid scheme was her route to success. She also joined that bs vacuum selling business that I won’t name. She was also an acclaimed artist at the local college but always canceled when I wanted to go to her shows that happened to sell out for thousands of dollars.

Anyways, she got into Vemma from two girl friends that I had known prior to meeting Tiffany. Critical detail. This is where shit starts to hit the fan.

Turns out she claims her roommates are stealing from her and she needs to move out immediately, which is in December. She does and moves into the nicest place on campus, costing like 3 grand a month with my now mutual friend who is in Vemma. So winter break hits and she claims she was raped. God damn it, how can I call bull shit on rape without sounding like a complete and utter asshole. So I didn’t. At this point in time it is New Years, and I took her to our campus house party for it, and tried to make her forget a little bit about her “rape.” A week or so passes and it’s the Saturday before school starts. Me and my roommates have a bro night and we are drunk and talk about our lady friends. Tiffany is the only girl who gets brought up in a negative light, and I admit I was pissed and wanted to end it in a few weeks time. Lo and behold, that would be Monday.

First day of school starts and I get a call from the mutual Vemma friend saying we need to talk immediately, so I met her at the restaurant where she works. She says she is sorry that me and Tiffany broke up. I say, “the fuck when did this happen?” At this point, a lot of pieces began to fall together. This mutual Vemma friend housed my girlfriend during winter break when the so called rape happened by the way. So, I immediately go to her old roommates house with my Vemma friends (two of them actually (one is the girl who housed Tiffany and the other is the current roommate of Tiffany). We come to find out that Tiffany actually stole from them and owes them about 4,500 dollars worth of stuff. Fuck. Tiffany also has a criminal record in which she stole money from her last job. Fuck. So we grab the two old roommates, and head to Tiffany’s current residence for an intervention. I recorded the whole 45 minute intervention for legal purposes and because my intelligence just started to show again.

So we bust in there and she is in shock. We call her out on absolutely everything. We find stolen items all over the place and she just has this glazed I don’t care about anyone or anything face the entire time. Then, the girl who housed her finds a stolen blank check from her father’s checkbook in Tiffany’s purse. This girl breaks down and calls the cops right away. So basically I get to watch my ex get handcuffed and taken to jail right after breaking up. Instant pleasure and karma. At this point in time everyone is asking me if I’m good and blah blah blah, yes I’m emotionally stable and just laugh it off.

So I get home, and she left her laptop open so the girls at the prior residence figure out she isn’t paying rent there either, and she is doing porn on the side for money while we are dating. FUCK. So I had to get tested, came clean, thank god. Also figured out she wasn’t doing birth control like she said she was the entire time we dated. FUCK. The rape turned out to be a porn shoot, her dad is a normal guy, her grandma isn’t rich, and now I have to go change my bank account info and burn my checks for fear that that con artist son of a bitch has some info on me.

Fast forward to present, 9 months later, she tried to contact me various times, through twitter, google plus, facebook, friends, phone numbers, and every time I block her. She also spent more time in jail lol Anyways, don’t be a dumb ass and date a Tinder a girl unless you check her criminal background first.

tl;dr – dated girl on tinder, turns out to be doing porn on the side, con artist, and compulsive liar

In case you’re wondering, no; the girl isn’t pregnant. Majeo12 legitimately dodged a bullet…more like 10 bullets, really.

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