Bro or Not Bro: Coed College Dorm Rooms and Bathrooms

by 8 years ago

The media has been rolling out their “new college trends” pieces all month, and one of the ones that caught our eye was this story about coed dorm rooms:

“Across the country, colleges are changing the roommate rules and allowing men and women to share a bedroom. Only a small portion of students are choosing the option, college officials say. And when they do, the arrangements almost always are platonic. But the shift marks the next step in a decades-long evolution that’s shrunk the space that once separated the sexes on college campuses.”

So far, the early adopters are schools on the West Coast, including Berkeley, the University of California-Riverside, Stanford, Humboldt State, and the University of Oregon. Over the past decade, hundreds of colleges across the country have made their dorm bathrooms coed. All of which got us wondering: Are coed college dorm rooms and bathrooms Bro or Not Bro? Would you want to share a room with a chick or even the shitter with a whole floor of 'em? Any Bros out there already doing so? Sound Off with your thoughts in the Comments…