Bros… Bros… BROS… The Panama City Beach Holiday Inn Pool Webcam Is BACK for Spring Break 2014!!!!

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Bros… We can’t begin to tell you how stoked we are in the BroBible office right now. Last night we were slamming Jager shots, talking about laxin‘ with our boys, today we find out that one of our favorite things from Spring Break 2013 is back: The Panama City Beach Holiday Inn Pool Webcam. If you’re bored out of your skull in the office over the next few weeks while your still-in-college friends go on Spring Break, this will ease those March blues.

I promise you it’s the most entertaining thing you can possibly do during the afternoons. So far, the activity has been pretty tight: Bros slamming brewskis in the pool, a couple of mini-dance parties, a couple of people on shoulders playing chicken, a bunch of really pale, lanky white dudes wearing frat tanks and sunglasses. Since there unfortunately isn’t sound, I recommend pressing play on this Tim Gunter joint and opening up the PCB Holiday Inn pool cam in a new browser window.

If you’re heading to Spring Break at PCB, bring a sign or something giving BroBible a shout out to the Holiday Inn pool. We’ll make you a web sensation, which you can put on your resume for conversation points.

Happy live-streaming and wishing you were still in college!

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