Carnegie Mellon Student Dresses as Pope With Cross-Shaped Pubes on Display, Is in Some Trouble

The highlight, of course, was a female student, naked from the waist down, parading around with her pubic hair shaved in the shape of a cross. ART!

Sadly, the university wasn’t totally on board with the cutting-edge display and has filed misdemeanor charges against two students for indecent exposure.

After a two-week review, Carnegie Mellon police have charged 19-year-old art student, Katherine O’Connor with indecent exposure.

22-year-old Robb Godshaw was also charged with public nudity, along with another student who says he’s friends with both.

The students contest the charges on the grounds of First Amendment Rights to Free Speech.

“They needed to do what they needed to do and I’m grateful that they took it seriously,” says Bishop David Zubik of the Pittsburgh Diocese. “I did what I needed to do; and said hold on this is offensive to catholics and chiristians alike.”

Religious-themed pubic hair: hot or not?