This College Bro Was Approached by Porn Director While on Vacation, Promptly Became a Porn Star

by 6 years ago

“Thumbs up for porn!” is the message I assume he is trying to covey with this photo.

As the headline states, Luke-Kristopher Davis (porn name Kristopher Kodjoe) is not your typical 21-year-old college bro. After a random encounter at the beach with porn director Erika Lust, the brainbox physics major at Swansea University in the United Kingdom is now a porn star.

Don’t worry though, Davis put a ton of thought into this decision before sending his life into a porn-y direction… And by “a ton,” I of course mean “two full minutes worth.”

As told to Mirror:

“I was out there relaxing and this director asked me if I was an actor or model,” he said.

“I said I was just a student. She asked if I would like to become one for a short time.

I didn’t just accept the offer straight away. I said,  ‘Come back in two minutes.’ I had to think about whether the risk was worth it because when you go into that industry there is a risk that your reputation will be affected.

But the science industry and physicians are relaxed. They only care if you are doing science well. They do not really care about your past.”

Aside from the grueling, 120-second decision making process he went through, Davis had to eventually tell his mother that he would be doing porn. That had to be a fucking nightmare, right?


Mr Davis said he broke the news to his mum on Facebook.

“She was in England and I was in Barcelona,” he said.

“I sent her a Facebook message saying I’m going to do this erotic film. I’ll let you know how it goes.

“My mum just said, ‘Oh, have fun!’”

Everything about this story is stupefying. Even the complete lack or porn-iness of the titles of films Davis has been in. Those are: Before the Guests Arrive and Manual del Placer, which is Spanish for “oral pleasure.” Like I said, terrible titles.


[H/T Mirror, Images via Facebook]