College Bro Documents ‘The Weird Shit I’ve Seen At Parties’ In Hilarious YouTube Video

by 2 years ago

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a college party? I’ll go first. Freshman year, first semester. Temple University before I transferred to Penn State. Chillin at a party, doing what you do as a freshman and making the rounds meeting people. Everyone is getting a little turned up, raging to early ’90s rap classics. Right after a strategic DMX sing-a-long, some bro brings out his pet python. Except the python isn’t having it and tries to swallow his hand Road Trip style.

I left at that point. Not sure I ever saw anyone at that party again except the dude who I rolled in with. I’ll be straight — I’m not really trying to hang out at parties with gross, hungry reptiles in attendance too. Not my scene.

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