College Professors Guess What Words Like ‘Bae’ And ‘FOMO’ Mean And Wow Are They Clueless

These Lehigh University professors are learning a new language: millennial slang. A few of them catch on quick, or are at least in the right ballpark with their guesses, but a few are so fucking clueless it’s embarrassing to watch.

“Oh bae, that’s B A E, that’s the company I worked for before I started teaching here.”

Yup, nailed it, dude. The entire country of people under 25 is talking about your old company.

I don’t think professors need to know every single slang word in the world but it would help to understand a couple considering it’s spoken by your core audience and the people you interact with most on a daily basis. How about you learn something from them while they attempt to learn something for you, prof?

[via USA Today]

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