College Student Emails Professor Asking for Better Grade, Professor Knocks Him Down a Few Pegs

And now the reply…

When the student posted the second email online he said, “He wrote back and totally destroyed me. I feel embarrassed and stupid. Think twice before asking your prof about grades!” 

No, don't think twice. If you don't ask for what you think you deserve in life, you won't get anything. Yeah, your tests, labs, etc. got you a B, but you attended every class (Jesus, who does that?), you put in the effort, and you felt like you deserved an A. That's all there is to it. This asshole didn't need to respond like, well, an asshole. But this was the worst that happened from you asking? An email. Fuck it. FUCK HIM. Don't feel destroyed and embarrassed because some self-important dickbeard wouldn't bump your grade. If I were you I'd email him back, “Be that as it may…” and then state my case all over again. Troll that cocksucker. 

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