This College Student Sells Her Used Panties To Men And Some Of Their Requests Are Absolutely Disgusting

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With the rising cost of living and college tuition fees, many college students find themselves in a mountain of debt upon graduation. Instead of living the dream as we were led to believe, many of us would end up facing an economy that hasn’t really found its mojo since the financial crisis – you know, kinda like the dick of an 80-year-old.

While some people resort to working minimum wage jobs to survive in college, others turn to more innovative means. Meet Kay, a 21-year-old female college student from the bustling city-state of Singapore, who sells her used panties to help pay for her college expenses.

As some of you may be aware, some countries such as Japan have vending machines that dispense used panties. But seriously, are you going to buy from there when you don’t even know the dubious source? While there are many sellers online who peddle their used panties, you can never be sure that they are the hot babes they claim to be (or if they are even female). Well, I guess it’s better than meeting a Craigslist murderer.

Kay is one of the rare sellers who has risen above her competition by doing physical meet-ups with her customers. Her panties go for 37 USD (50 Singapore Dollar) each, while bras go for between 29 – 44 USD (40 – 60 Singapore Dollar) a pair. According to Kay, her scent is “intoxicating, sweet and musky at the same time”.

With our particular set of connections, here’s an interview with Kay for an insight into this fascinating industry. Read on as the attractive 5 feet (154cm), 86 lbs (39kg) girl bares it all.

BroBible: Tell us a little about yourself, how long have you been selling used panties?

Kay: I can’t remember exactly when I started doing this but I’d think it’s been close to a year now

BroBible: So what got you started on this, how did you decide to get involved in this unique industry?

Kay: Pardon my in-surreptitious laugh but it’s kinda a funny story. It might be hard to believe but I was suffering from insomnia one night and suddenly decided that this was what I needed to do. I got up and started googling ‘selling used panties in Singapore’ and realised that it was a potentially profitable industry. I looked through fetish threads in local forums, read up on my competitors and typed my first two sentence sales pitch on multiple classified ads sites.

I guess I’ve always been about doing things that are unconventional and going against the grain and leading a second life hahaha and this was just one of the ways I could do that.

Not sure if that answers the question but it was really more of an ‘aha’ moment than anything.

BroBible: Wow, that’s quite a stroke of inspiration. How’s the process of selling a panty like?

Kay: I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule of the process of selling a panty. I guess for a more established panty seller, she would have a proper catalogue set up coupled with an order form and a PayPal button where one could make payment online. I might someday get down to doing that hahaha but as of now I just post a few ads on random classified ads sites and wait for potential customers to respond to my ads. After some correspondence through text or whatever form of communication they’re comfortable with, we meet up at an agreed spot (in public, always in public) and ta-da a sale is made!

But as you know, customers are never easy to please, much less customers who are looking to purchase such an item.

There’s always tons of back and forth regarding what can or cannot be done, what I can or cannot provide them with and of course the haggling of prices.

BroBible: Most panty sellers do so via postage, and many of us also know that there are vending machines dispensing used panties in Japan. But you actually do meet-ups with your customers. Have you ever experienced any dangerous situations?

Kay: HAHAHA dangers? Choosing to be in this industry is already a dangerous step to take. It’s true that I’ve done pretty risky stuff, like going into the cars of my customers and letting them drive me around the neighbourhood or even up some secluded carpark. But then again all these makes what I’m doing all the more exciting.

I’d love to tell you that I’ve had a brush in with a psycho pervert but I must say I’ve been really lucky so far – never had run-ins with a stalker or some dude trying to get fresh with me, which is the response I think you’re hoping to get from me.

I think one of the dangers lie in getting too involved or emotional about sales (if this counts as ‘danger’). It’s never a good idea to cross the boundaries of a strictly ‘buyer-seller’ relationship, but then again this is true of any industry.

Oh and I always worry about my photos getting leaked because regardless of how mild and vanilla this is, it’s still something I’d like not to get harassed by the public and media over.

BroBible: You mentioned on your blog that you “accept special requests like masturbating or peeing on [your] panties for an extra charge.” I got to ask this – Are there many men with pee fetish?!

Kay: Not many, but more than you’d think there would be! I’ve always known of people with deviant fetishes but every time I get a request for something out of the ordinary that I’ve not attempted before, it kinda weirds me out. But I’ve since learnt not to judge and am trying to be more accommodating to their requests. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve peed into strange containers and watched my customers down them with delight. Or sometimes even dip my panties into the pee and lick them up like Oreos in milk.

BroBible: You mean you peed in front of them?

Kay: Hahaha no, although I’ve been asked multiple times to do so. I just go into a public toilet and pee into a container I’ve earlier prepared or one that they provide me with and come out with their warm delicious drink.

BroBible: Holy crap, does anything get weirder than that?

Kay: I don’t do scat, and am deathly afraid of touching poop but I’ve had customers request that I poop into a Ziploc bag or smear my poop all over my panties. I didn’t agree to those requests, and have done milder versions like stuffing panties up my vagina when I’m masturbating, or a little up my ass. There are way fewer people into menstrual blood, but there are still requests for blood soaked/stained panties.

BroBible: Are your friends and family aware that you are selling your used panties?

Kay: Family, no. And I doubt I would ever tell them because of the stigma that this industry comes with. I do tell my closer friends though, and currently there are about slightly more than 10 of my friends who know about this.

BroBible: Do you have a boyfriend, and what does he think about your business?

Kay: Yes I do. I asked for his opinion on this before I started and he was fine with it as long as I took precautions not to get into dangerous situations (not that I took that advice hahaha).

BroBible: Do you get any satisfaction from this, or is it purely for money?

Kay: Yes I do gain satisfaction from knowing that guys are using my undergarments to pleasure themselves. It’s not so much self-validation as it is exciting to know how much I can turn a guy on. And of course, money’s always a plus. I can’t be giving out my panties for free otherwise my customers would step all over me.

BroBible: What would you say are the best and worst parts of this job?

Kay: Best part is definitely getting to meet new people, getting exposed to more aspects of this niche industry and learning to cater to different requests.

The worst thing is having to deal with difficult customers or those who have a ton of questions but were never intending to get anything from me. I’m perfectly fine with clearing their doubts and queries but it gets really annoying when I get questions like ‘why don’t you have a normal job?’, ‘are you so desperate for money?’ or ‘do you want to see my dick?’

The answer to that is no, I would not like to see your dick as I’ve seen so many that it’s honestly a turn off when it’s so blatantly offered. I’d much rather customers just tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my items and that’s satisfaction enough.

Oh and also the ‘no-show’ers who don’t have the decency to inform me in advance that they aren’t going to turn up

BroBible: Tell us the most interesting customer you have met (in terms of personality, occupation, generosity, or anything).

Kay: The thing with this industry is that all my customers are trying to remain discreet and anonymous so it’s highly unlikely that they’ll reveal their occupation and details about their personal lives with me. I’ve met many customers who’ve had tons of interesting stories to tell about their experiences with this fetish and with other sellers.

I think the most interesting customer I’ve had would have to be this investment broker who gave me an experience that was within the scope of his interest (non-sexual). Sorry for being so vague, but I have a strict non-disclosure clause with all my customers.

My strangest experience with a customer though, would have to be with this dude who confessed his unyielding love for me in a letter and gave tons of gifts apart from buying my panties. It was strange and uncomfortable and I’ve since tried to keep a distance from all my customers to prevent a recurrence of that incident.

BroBible: To end this: Is selling panties good money for a college student to help pay off her tuition fees? What advice would you give to anyone considering doing this?

Kay: Yes, and no. It is good money in that it has extremely high returns. About ‘500% profit rate’ as my friend likes to put it. And no because if you’re purely doing this for money, it can get really tedious and annoying.

My best advice would be to do what you’re comfortable with and not let others pressure you into doing what you’re not, regardless of what they might say about you. And also, don’t be too affected by those who stand you up because that would always happen and as long as you view it positively, you’ll find the motivation to continue doing this and pleasuring other men (indirectly of course).

BroBible: That was an awesome interview with you. Thank you for your time, Kay!

Kay: You’re most welcome!

If you want some of Kay’s used panties (pissed on or otherwise) check out her site Panty Raid Catalogue

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