These Are The Colleges Having The MOST Sex Just In Case You’re Looking To Transfer (Just Sayin’)

by 2 years ago
colleges having most sex


Ah, college. A time for academia, independence, social growth, oh, and lots and lots of fun sex.

I know it happens, you know it happens, but at which universities is it happening the most?

Well, thanks to and we now have a pretty good idea.

That’s because they surveyed over 2,000 current and former students to learn about sexual habits on campus and to reveal the top college student bodies getting it on between classes.

Cutting right to the chase and what you came here for, Temple (founded by a Baptist minister), Rutgers and Texas A&M students are having the most sex while in college. Wouldn’t have been my guesses, but hey, you can’t argue with science (of a sort), right?

My guesses would have leaned more towards California and Florida universities, which as you can see below, wouldn’t have been too far off.

Here’s another interesting stat: For women, nearly 43 percent of their sexual partners came from their time in college, while that number drops to 35 percent for men.