This Trippy Custom Beer Pong Table with Infinity Mirrors and LED Lights Is a Party Game Changer


As you know, crafty college kids have been tricking out custom beer pong tables with LED lights for years. But this is a new one for us here at BroBible. A custom-beer pong table company called Infinity Glow is touting a table called a “Music Sensitive LED Infinity Party Table.” Using infinity mirrors, LED lights, and software that synchs music to pulse with the lights, the Infinity Glow table is basically the beer pong equivalent of a rave. 

Here’s how it looks so damn trippy. Via:

Illusions to keep your guests entertained all night. We use special mirrors that reflect the light to create a trippy illusion of looking into endless space… or being sucked into a wormhole… analogies may vary. For best results, please gaze on the table in person.


Here’s how it does the whole synching-to-music high-tech wizardry:

If you’re interested in supporting the project with the hopes of getting one of these for your college house or apartment down the line, hit up their Prefundia project…