Watch This Cop Put a Devastating Tackle on a Drunk

by 7 years ago

From NBC4i:

Reynoldsburg police says at about 1:47 a.m. Feb. 12 Officer Shane Mauger witnessed a vehicle turn out of a gas station at East Livingston Avenue and Brice Road and drive southbound in the northbound lanes of Brice Road. Officer Mauger initiated a traffic stop. Upon stopping, Timothy A. Irskens, 31, exited his vehicle. Acting Reynoldsburg Police Chief Scott McKinley said Irskens kept his hands concealed and repeatedly disobeyed Mauger's commands to get back into his vehicle. Dash-camera video shows Mauger tackling Irskens.

Irskens was arrested and was found to have a utility knife on his person. Irskens was charged with obstructing official business (F-5), resisting arrest (M-2), carrying concealed weapons (M-1) and OVI (M-1).

You can see Officer Mauger secure his weapon and really eye up the perp before laying a huge hit. Unfortunately the cop suffered a broken hand during the scuffle, but is on a three-month leave, whereas the drunk was not injured at all. Irskens pleaded guilty to the OVI charge and a misdemeanor charge for carrying a concealed weapon when a utility knife was found. 

I would almost rather be tased than have the cop version of Bill Romanowski inflict a bone-jarring open field tackle on me.