FSU’s Delta Gamma Bid Day Video Is 4 Minutes Of The Hottest Sorority In The Nation

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The Delta Gamma’s of Florida State University just released their 2014 Bid Day video, and reminded the entire nation that they’re the hottest sorority there is.

Yes, I said it, the HOTTEST sorority in the nation. This isn’t me as a Seminole alumni talking either. This is a FACT. Our bros over at TotalFratMove ran the most extensive sorority rankings ever conducted, and FSU’s Delta Gamma came out on top. That was 9 months ago. Ever since they were crowned tops in America they’ve had to live up to their title, and this bid day video does just that. HOLY SHIT I MISS TALLAHASSEE.

Like I said before: The DG’s at FSU are second to NO ONE.




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