Drunk College Girl Tries To Give Sexy Lap Dance To Guy, Embarrasses Herself Instead And Faceplants Into Chair

“What a sloppy mess” is the first thing I thought watching this video, until 10 seconds later I realized this was literally me during college. Couldn’t drink for shit, got sloppy all the time and puking was as second nature to me as breathing – so who am I to judge this chick?

You, on the other hand, can go ahead and judge her all you like because chances are that you’re a dude, and as a dude you probably have never given a sloppy drunk lap dance to another dude. That’s not to say you haven’t had your fair share of shitty drinking experiences, just that you’re not nearly as big of a hypocrite as me if you choose to poo-poo this girl.

If you do though, that means that you can’t judge whoever’s in the next video we post of a guy doing something stupid with fireworks, liquor, cars or power tools – don’t lie. You’ve been there and done all of that before too.