Duke Freshman Writes ‘I Am A Porn Star’ Tell-All

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The Duke porn star has done so much media since being revealed in the Duke Chronicle that it’s kind of incredible no one knows what her stage name is. Well, sort of. A LOT of people know what her stage name is. We’ve received at least a dozen tips on social media pointing us in the direction of one particular porn star.  How long until her name is publicly revealed?

It’s inevitable at this point. Also, seems like it wouldn’t hurt her stock in her chosen profession.

Today she writes a tell-all in XO Jane:

However, the answer is actually quite simple. I couldn’t afford $60,000 in tuition, my family has undergone significant financial burden, and I saw a way to graduate from my dream school free of debt, doing something I absolutely love. Because to be clear: My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering.

The next question is always: “But when you graduate, you won’t be able to get a job, will you? I mean, who would hire you?”

I simply shrug and say, “I wouldn’t want to work for someone who discriminates against sex workers.”

As for my professional career, I have no current plans to quit porn and I refuse to let ignorant people deprive me of the education that I have worked incredibly hard to achieve.

I am going to graduate, I am going to pursue my dreams and I will hopefully galvanize change in a world wrought with gender norms and sexism.

Seems like the Duke porn star is here to stay, so go read the whole thing at XO Jane. It’s an interesting insight into why someone would chose to do porn in college.

[Pic via XO Jane]

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