Elon University Professor Dismissed After Sending Sexual Texts to Student (w/Messages)


Elon University’s Religious Studies professor, Hans Arneson, has been dismissed from his position after administrators learned he was ready and willing to fuck several of his female students. Or at least that’s what the text messages he was sending them would suggest. One student that was in contact with Arneson, Amy DeNenno, saved the racy text messages that he sent her. And although DeNenno’s texts texts are the only evidence presented, according to the Elon Local News, she wasn’t the first student that Arneson attempted to seduce.

Since there’s not a lot of information about this story outside of ELN, I dug a little deeper. And by that I mean, I Googled the name “Hans Arneson.” What I found was his Rate My Professor profile and based on students’ comments, Arneson doesn’t seem like a total piece of shit. Students said he was “super chill,” “easy to talk to,” “a super helpful professor” and “a really funny guy.” One former student even went as far as saying, “One of my favorite classes. Maybe ever. I even blew the midterm and I still liked the course.”

If you’re thinking “midterm” is code for “professor’s gross dick” we have a similar train of thought, my friend.

Anyway, below are the texts that lead to Arneson’s undoing. And below those is more coverage from Elon Local News, which includes and interview with student Amy DeNenno

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