Epic Video from Manasquan’s Around the World Party 2014 Is Proof the Jersey Shore Isn’t Just For Snooki

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.53.53 PM

The Bro paradise of Manasquan on the Jersey Shore is the second best place to party on summer weekends after Dewey Beach (sorry, people who go to Secrets in Ocean City). I know The Jersey Shore gave the place a bad rap a few years ago, but it’s seriously a pretty chill time, sans the trashy havens of Seaside and Wildwood.

A few Jersey Bros just passed along this recap from the 2014 Manasquan Around the World Party and it might be the best rager recap video we’ve watched this summer.

Is that a Justin Bieber pinata getting beaten by hockey sticks? Yes! Yes it is!


WATCH below. If you have an awesome party video for BroBible, e-mail it to me: brandon [at] brobible dot com

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