Fed-Up College Bro Pays Tuition in Coins

by 6 years ago

Mount Royal University student Devin DeFraine was pretty upset by getting hit with an extra fee to pay his tuition, so he took it out on his school by paying entirely in change.

MRU, a located in in Calgary, Alberta, recently added a new fee of up to 1.89 percentfor any student paying tuition with a Visa or Mastercard, according to the Reflector, a student newspaper.

Defraine, whose tuition is $3,000, would get stuck with an extra $60 in fees if he paid with a credit card. Instead, he stuck the school with 230 pounds of rolled up coins,lugging the change into the registrar's office Wednesday to pay his tuition bill, CTV Calgary reports.

“If they're gonna nickel and dime us, I'm gonna nickel and dime them,” Defraine said.

Atta boy. Way to stick it to the man. Cosmo Kramer approves.

[H/T: Huffington Post]