Underground Penn Fraternity Asks Members to ‘Suck Dicks’ Of Gay Rushees

And while you'd expect it to be the usual horrific banter of a normal fraternity email, it's suprisingly refreshing. The emails come from the fraternity $tar$, and were leaked to Under The Button. While they contain tons of offensive language, the content itself preaches acceptance. 

If there's a gay pledge, the fraternity asks its members not to excluded him, but rather to suck him off “like it's the 1970 before AIDS.” And the only talk of rape refers not to women but is used as a Viking-style metaphor. Of course, they also ask their members to make up rumors about how other underground frats have Hepatitis. Ehh, you win some, you lose some.  

But even if they are all about equal rights, they still like to party. As seen above, they spent more on vodka than I make in a fortnight. Two thousand fucking dollars. They also love the reefer. Some things never change.  

[H/T Huffington Post College]

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