FSU Chick Responsible for Jameis Winston Painting Has Also Birthed Several Disturbing Rap Videos


Remember that Jameis Winston masterpiece we posted earlier of him sitting on a throne while a Pi Kappa Alpha brother blows him something fierce? Of course you do. That’s not something you unsee in less than 48 hours.

Well, the story is about to get weirder. The girl above and in the video below is the person who painted it. Her Christian name is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned, but her stage name is Fellatia Geisha. Turns out Ms. Geisha has more artistic talents than just painting. She also raps. Passionately. Erotically. Disgustingly.

Before you watch, I’d just like to warn our more squeamish readers that this video is out of bounds with bold artistic choices.

Did you make it past the pierced third nipple and stomach rashes? If you did, then you saw the glorious menstruation blood cascading down her inner thighs. If you didn’t last that long, well, you missed out on a week’s worth of nightmares and a hearty congratulations to you are in order.

Yearning for more? Here’s another song about some boy who licks clit good or something.

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