FSU Delta Gamma Bid Day 2015 (The Hottest Sorority In The Nation)

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At Florida State University the rich keep on getting richer, and the hottest sorority chapter in the nation (FSU’s Delta Gamma) just dropped their 2015 Bid Day video. They’ve been the top sorority at FSU for decades now, and they’ve been considered tops in the nation for quite some time. As you can see from this video the lades of DG just keep on reloading, with this year’s pledge class being one of the finest ever seen.

FSU Delta Gamma Bid Day 2015 (VIDEO)

It’s video like this that make me missing being back at FSU. We used to have a saying that ‘every single day you could walk to class and see the most beautiful woman you’d ever seen in your entire life, and then you’d never see her again.’ How’s that possible? Because the abundance of gorgeous women at FSU knows no bounds. Other school across the nation have hot women, this is known. Arizona State has a famously gorgeous student body. But I’m sorry, they’ve got nothing on FSU. And the Delta Gamma’s at FSU are the best-of-the-best on campus.

Also, I’d just like to send a huge shout out to my boy J. Davis and his ‘Shabooms Across America‘ bus for making an appearance in this video. If you’ve never had the chance to part your ass off on a Shabooms bus then you haven’t ever really partied.

Now for a few stills from the video:


YouTube / Catalyst Media


YouTube / Catalyst Media

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