The Harvard Bros Who Pranked Yale Pulled an Even Bigger Prank on HARVARD

by 5 years ago

/looks up Yale's mascot

Hey Bulldogs (or Handsome Dans if that's the preferred nomenclature), remember these no good Harvard tricksters from yesterday? Well, as luck would have it, these guys didn't just target you and yours. They played a joke on their own school by running for President and Vice President of University Counsel. One thing lead to another and the actually won the fucking election. Being the thoughtful trolls that they are, naturally they resigned before they were even inaugurated. Presumably, because YOLO and fuck that shit.

According to a current undergraduate at Harvard: 

I'm a junior at Harvard and thought I'd give you an update on the bro featured in the “Harvard Tours Yale” video you posted. His name is Sam Clark, sweet dude involved in basically every comedy organization at Harvard. He and his roommate have spent the past couple weeks running a joke campaign for President and Vice President of Harvard's Undergraduate Council. These are the top two elected spots for undergrads at Harvard. There campaign was, however, a complete joke: check out their Facebook page. Well, due perhaps in part to the popularity of the “Harvard Tours Yale” video, they just actually won the election. And about 10 minutes later, they promptly resigned (see the statement on their Facebook). It's completely unclear who will now lead the undergrads of Harvard, and the UC seems fairly pissed at the whole situation. Basically, they trolled just about everyone at Harvard. The consensus on campus is that it was all pretty fucking hilarious.

I checked out their facebook page, and I'll be a son of a bitch, but yep, they done did it. They ran, they won, and then they promptly resigned. You may think that's a real shitdick move, but you kind of have to admire people who are in a joke for the long game.


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