Harvard Lacrosse Bro Gets Owned In A Pickup Soccer Game With Justin Bieber, Calls Self ‘Huge Pussy’

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Justin Bieber is a competitive dude when it comes to sports. Remember when he almost dropped mitts to fight in a beer league hockey game? Or when get got crossed-up HARD in that basketball game with his manager, Scooter Braun? You get the point. Bieber doesn’t fuck around when it comes to sports, even when his scrawny ass is massively out-sized.

The latest tale of Bieber’s gym class heroism comes from the Bahamas, where a Harvard Lacrosse player ended up in a pick-up soccer game with the Biebs while on vacation.

Harvard lax Bro allegedly took Ls left and right from the pop star, who showed up to a vacation pick-up game wearing shin guards and soccer cleats:



Harvard Bro should have played a little bit dirtier with the slide tackles. I think a video of Bieber either (A. flopping at soccer or (B. trying to fight in a pick-up game would break the Internet.

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