Here Are The Ivy League Schools That Are Getting Laid The Most Via Tinder

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There is no stone unturned when Tinder’s data scientists crunch the numbers of what schools use the app the most. It shouldn’t be a shocker that the special snowflakes at America’s Ivy League schools are no different from the rest of us, despite having their own exclusive dating app.


According to a recent internal data marketing binge at Tinder, here are the schools that crush it when it comes to Tinder game. UPenn wins the top spot for the school where the thirst is the most real, followed by Brown and Columbia.

Sharpen those skills for when you’re hustling your asses off in private equity and finance, bros. A higher education in Tinder is important.

Most Swiped Right Schools:

  1. UPenn
  2. Brown
  3. Columbia
  4. Cornell
  5. Dartmouth
  6. Princeton
  7. Yale
  8. Harvard

Monthly Matches:

  1. Columbia
  2. UPenn
  3. Harvard
  4. Cornell
  5. Brown
  6. Yale
  7. Dartmouth
  8. Princeton

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