Highly Disturbing Flyer Found in Miami University Dorm Discusses ‘How to Get Away with Rape’

by 8 years ago

Ohio’s Miami University is taking heat after the discovery of a flier advising how to rape women was found last weekend in freshman co-ed dorm bathroom.

Titled “Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape,” the flier tells readers that 'practice makes perfect. The more you rape, the better you get at it.'

It also says: 'If you're afraid that the girl will identify you, slit her throat,' and to 'never take pictures or give your phone number to the girl you rape.'

Obviously, we'd all sincerely hope that this is purely satire. It certainly seems like it, at least. Satire, though, exists to sensationalize and or completely call out practices that have no business being practices. If the culprits of this were trying to be funny, their level of comedic insight needs some serious work. Forget booed off stage standup. This is getting food, drink, and small weapons getting thrown off you bad. 

McBride Hall, ground zero for the flyer, has received increased police presence as a result of the incident. Additionally, the school launched a campus investigation.

[H/T: Daily Mail