RIP To A BroBible Spring Break Tradition: Pour One Out For The Holiday Inn Panama City Beach Pool Cam

by 1 year ago

BroBible Nation — It’s a sad day for us around here. Prepare to cry a little bit at your desk and pour out some Natty Light later tonight.

If you’ve been reading the site for the last few years, you know that one of our favorite things this time of year is the Holiday Inn Panama City Beach pool cam. As we get older and older, that damn web cam is like drinking from a fountain of youth. As I wrote once upon a time:

Part of the charm is that the spring break webcam happens without any sound. So you have to imagine what is unfolding while watching all these people dance in all their awkward spring break glory. If your college days are long in the rearview mirror, it’s a fun thing to throw on from your work desk and have a throwback to your college glory days. Oh to be young again.

As I do every year this time of year, last week I started thinking about the Holiday Inn Panama City Beach pool cam. An old colleague even e-mailed me a reminder that he was waiting for my annual BroBible update on the cam, subject line: “Where’s Our Damn Pool Cam.” So I headed over to the Holiday Inn PCB website to fire it up, expecting to immediately tune in to spring break shenanigans as I have every March since 2013. Instead of a turned up dance party on the pool deck, I got this error message instead:

Turns out that the The Holiday Inn PCB pool cam has, apparently, been put in a digital graveyard by the management.

Crack up that Natty and pour one out for a fine BroBible tradition.

We’ll never forget the memories, Holiday Inn PCB Pool Cam. It made us not hate our lives every March, reliving our college glory years from the hell of our post-grad desk jobs.

Shout out to one of my all time favorite pool cam moments: This guy in the hat smoochin’ it up in that murky gray hepatitis water with (his?) a lady.

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