How We Party: UNC-Wilmington

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Quick Hit:

SEC-style house parties with the option of beach bars, downtown bars and small dives here and there. Parties get out of hand fast, and shit gets jiggy.


We're going into a much different direction this week after looking at the comparitively huge universities of Colorado and Georgia. UNCW is a school of only 12,000 undergrads. But it's gained a rep for being one of North Carolina's most fun. You literally live at the beach, and the girls? Wonderful. 7.5 out of 10.

House Parties:

100s of people crammed into 3-4 bedroom houses, where eminent destruction occurs by the tenants of the house. Parties get busted when there is a lot of cars parked on front lawns and in streets, but most of the good houses have adequate parking. Figure multiple kegs and PJ buckets that even the guys black out off of.



Busted parties are no fun. And neither is a wrecked front lawn full of cars. But when you know the cops can end your party at any time, does that make the booze go down quicker? 7 out of 10.

Bars and Clubs:

Freshman and sophomores tend to stay within a 3-mile radius to campus during the week, shit gets ratchet at these same bars on weekends. 21+ can get into the famous Wrightsville beach “Beach Bars” and depending on the night fakes work. Beach bars consist of salty Wrightsville beach locals and juniors and seniors looking for a break from the frat parties. Downtown is a fantastic place to spend a birthday.


Beach bars rule, whever you are. 8 out of 10.

Fraternity Life:

To say oppressed is an understatement. Fraternities throw down, but can quickly be in deep shit. Even with the oppression from campus, the average 11% greek involvement still has a hold of the night life on campus and still keeps there from being a boring night.


Gotta admire the word “oppression” being used to describe a party shutdown. Bonus points there. 6.5 out of 10.


Let's think, North Carolina is known for its southern belles, and Wilmington is a stone's throw from Wrightsville Beach. Every girl wants to go to the beach all the time, bringing girls to Wilmington from everywhere in the country.


Bikinis and belles? Bikinis and belles. 9 out of 10.

Sports Raging:

The one flaw with UNCW, only good team is the baseball team, shout out to the shortstop.

Hi Terrence Connelly5 out of 10.

Big Events:

Halloweird: picture the craziest day party you've seen in a I'm Shmacked video and add a barn, warm weather, Halloween costumes and beautiful women into the equation.

Pig pickings, oyster roasts and dock partys with boats added in, lead to long days drinking and long nights that not many remember.
Honorable mention: Campus Run Oozeball tournament: a mud volleyball tournament that happened to be on 4/20 last year.

A warm-weather Halloween party sounds like a mindfuck, but we'd probably be able to eventually come around to it. 7 out of 10.


Beautiful weather, women and the greenery can be considered in the top 3 places to get in N.C

A compelling case, for sure. 7.5 out of 10.

Overall How We Party Standings, Week 16:

1. Ohio State: 8.6

2. Florida State: 8.5

3. University of South Carolina: 8.4

4. University of Georgia: 8.31

5. University of Southern California: 8.3

6. Penn State University: 8.2

7. University of Texas-Austin: 8.1

8. University of Illinois: 7.9

9. Miami of Ohio 7.85

T-10. University of Arizona: 7.8

T-10. University of Michigan: 7.8

11. University of Dayton: 7.65

12. UC Santa Barbara: 7.6

13. University of Central Florida: 7.5

14. Elon 7.3

15. UNC-W 7.18

15. Duke University: 6.4

16.  Georgetown University: 6.3

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